Invoices and Statements Sent Via Email This Quarter

You may have noticed that your Rotary quarterly billing invoice (or statement) was emailed to you this quarter.  We are trying to save paper and lots of time by doing it this way and it is also the preferred and most efficient way for most Rotary Clubs to bill.  We are still working out some glitches with the software, so please bear with us and please let us know if you feel something was in error (some of you already have, and we greatly appreciate it).  All corrections will be made and hopefully the process will be smoother next time.  If you did not get a quarterly statement via email, please let us know so that we can investigate why.  Also, if you would prefer for your billing to be mailed to someone other than yourself (head office, billing department for your company, etc.) let us know and we can change this in your record.  Contact Ed Caplan with any comments, changes, corrections, etc.  Thanks for bearing with us during this change.

Rotary Members Participate in Doll & Toy Fund Distribution & Red Kettle Donations

Thanks to all who participated in the Doll & Toy Distribution and the Red Kettle Collection on Saturday, December 17th.  The Doll and Toy Distribution was a huge success with Rotary Club members giving out gifts to over 1,200 children in the local area.  And, over $900 was raised by Rotary Club members ringing the Salvation Army bell for Red Kettle Collections.
Jim Smilie at the Town Talk reports that we have currently received 184 donations totaling $17,800 for the 2016 Doll and Toy Fund campaign.  That is up from $16,085 in 2015 (10.7% increase) and from $14,189 in 2014 (25.4% increase).  The average donation this year was $96.74.  The average in 2015 was $91.91 and in 2014 - $90.38.
Again, thanks to each of you for all you do to make this project a success.


Below: Rotary Member, Scott Brame helps distribute toys at the Doll & Toy Fund and Rotary members, Sue Bolton and Susan Menache collect Red Kettle funds for the Salvation Army.
 Scott Brame at Doll & Toy Distribution
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